Here's what I sound like being interviewed on a podcast

In over five years of being in the media industry, I've been on plenty of radio and TV shows, but oddly enough up until this year I've only ever been interviewed on one podcast. I'm glad my friend Gabrielle Jackson Bosche has changed that!

Gabby, as I call her, travels the country as a consultant and speaker (check out her profile in the Washington Post). Her niche? Educating the world about us crazy millennials. To that end, she has a podcast interviewing millennial leaders, entrepreneurs, and difference-makers. So imagine my surprise when she wanted to interview me. Go figure. 

In the podcast, published this week, Gabby and I talk about my start at TheBlaze, the idea of story, and how to tell your own story. 

Give it a listen and let me know what you think. 

For more cool podcasts from Gabby, check out her Soundcloud page.