Jonathon M. Seidl

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Why Stories Matter

How to unlock the power of stories in life and business

Why Stories Matter is the book you didn’t realize you need to read. In it, Jon explains how stories have been a powerful tool for some of the world’s most successful people and companies. By unlocking the power of storytelling, you can transform your life, your church, and your business. Jon doesn’t only tell you about storytelling, though, he actually shows you how to tap into your own life experiences and start telling stories that will immediately help you connect with others, increase your influence, and cast vision for your life and work.

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Finding Rest

A hope-filled guide to overcoming anxiety and depression, and the 12 truths that give you power over them

Finding Rest chronicles Jon Seidl’s difficult, yet hope-filled journey through being diagnosed with anxiety and OCD, as well as his battle with depression, and the 12 gospel-based truths that have given him power over those struggles. Packed full of personal stories and anecdotes (plus humor), it offers hope to fellow diagnosees, gives a prescription for the church to better support struggling members, and throws a lifeline to the oft-forgotten and confused family members of those with mental health issues.

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Thank you!!!!!!! Finally someone within the Christian community that I can relate to. Finally someone is talking about it! I needed this!

— Crystal