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For the last decade, Jonathon M. Seidl (Jon) has been telling stories. In fact he’s written over 6,000 of them, first after helping start a top-50 news site, then as the editor-in-chief of the popular non-profit I Am Second, and most recently as the head of a special digital media product for actor Kirk Cameron. Jon has seen how the power of storytelling can transform people, businesses, and culture, especially after sharing his own story of overcoming anxiety and OCD. His passion is to share what he’s learned telling stories for — and working with — some of media’s biggest names and organizations, including Glenn BeckKirk Cameron, and Chip and Joanna Gaines.

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“As someone who experienced growing up in the Hollywood world of fake news façades and make believe, I can spot a genuine person with ease. Working with Jon Seidl has been a joy and I have found him to be thoughtful, dynamic, and insightful. His experience in the media and his unique ability to tell stories that fascinate make him a needed voice in our media-centered cultural conversation.”

— Kirk Cameron, Actor


 Topics that Jon covers:

Why stories matter

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication, and those who unlock its power are tapping into something much bigger than themselves. People like Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, and Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, understand it. Successful brands understand it as well. In this talk, Jon takes you through the power of storytelling with vivid examples from history, culture, and business to show you why and how you can start applying the power of story and grow your business, relationships, and influence.

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Telling your story

So you realize that stories are important. But how do you go about telling yours? Or how do you tap into your history and turn your past experiences into future results? Jon has a 5-step process for unlocking the stories inside of you, and he weaves in his own story to show you how it’s possible. By the end of this talk, you’ll be equipped to start telling your own story and then use the process to tap into your wealth of experiences and turn them into winsome narratives.

Perfect for: conference breakout, men’s or women’s breakfast.

Don’t forget the details

So what goes into telling a good story? How do you find a good story to tell? In this talk, Jon breaks down one of the most important aspects of storytelling: the details. Leaning on his experience of over 6,000 published stories, Jon explains how his media success was fueled by an ability to find the details when no one else was. The talk features several emotional and tangible examples showing why details are important.

Perfect for: conference breakout, workshop, conference keynote, business retreat

Death to mission statements

As much as Jon is passionate about mission statements, he’s equally passionate about the death of mission statements. “They need to die a slow, painful death,” he writes in a forthcoming book. Mission statements are supposed to cast vision and inspire, but often they’re reached via compromise by people who don’t fully understand the company’s history, goals, or day-to-day operations. What companies and organizations need to embrace instead are vision stories. In this talk, Jon explains the concept of vision stories, as well as how to craft one for your company or organization that will far exceed the power of any mission statement.

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You’re probably never going to read this, but I think this saved my life. Not really sure how to say thank you.
— Jason

Meet Jon


Jon is a writer, author, speaker, and digital media veteran. He helped start a top-50 news website, has worked with some of the biggest names in culture like Chip and Joanna Gaines, Glenn Beck, and Kirk Cameron, interviewed NFL Hall of Famers and celebrities as host of Kirk Cameron’s podcast, and has published over 6,000 stories on websites like I Am Second and

He lives in Dallas, Tx with his wife, Brett, and two kids, Annie and Jack.

Before I got to the second paragraph, I knew. I knew because it was almost as if I had written your words myself.
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