Jon speaks all over the country, and he’d love to make your event his next stop.

As a gifted, charismatic, and pun-loving speaker, Jon loves sharing his story and experiences at conferences, workshops, and breakouts. The audience leaves with a smile on its face, probably a few tears, and definitely with a deeper sense of purpose. If you're interested in inviting Jon to speak, fill out the form below and be as detailed as possible.

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"As someone who experienced growing up in the Hollywood world of fake news façades and make believe, I can spot a genuine person with ease. Working with Jon Seidl has been a joy and I have found him to be thoughtful, dynamic, and insightful. His experience in the media and his unique ability to tell stories that fascinate make him a needed voice in our media-centered cultural conversation.”

— Kirk Cameron, Actor


“In every experience in working with Jon, I’ve noticed he encompasses the best of ‘both worlds.’ He is warm and open, while being a consummate professional. He is authentic and a creative storyteller, and yet is detailed and direct. He is extremely qualified as a writer, editor, and curator of inspiring content, while also being relatable, honest, and vulnerable at every turn. It has been a joy to work with Jon in both work and personal environments, and see that he not only brings his best, but brings out the best in others.”

— Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008


“Jon is a gifted writer and communicator who cares deeply about issues that are important to talk about in today’s world. The only passion he has that trumps writing is his love for his God and family. He’s a man of integrity and character (excluding that whole Green Bay Packers obsession he has).”

— Adam Kail, Founder of Brothers Leather Supply Company